Syphilis Rapid Test Kit



STI Rapid Test Kit for Syphilis Detection. Results without Labs.

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection caused by the spirochete bacterium. The signs and symptoms of Syphilis vary but typically they include a single chancre (skin ulceration) and/or a diffuse rash which frequently involves the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. Latent syphilis with little to no symptoms followed by tertiary syphilis with gummas, neurological, or cardiac symptoms. Syphilis is thought to have infected 12 million additional people worldwide in 1999, with greater than 90% of cases in the developing world. Historically in Australia infection rates can be prone to spikes and Syphilis can be more prevalent in young woman. Detection is easy using a home test kit (or Rapid Test Kit) for Syphilis.

Test Now Australia with an STI rapid test kit for Syphilis.



Test easily and privately for Syphilis

About Our Test Kits


Test Kits are 98-99% accurate in detection of sexually transmitted infection. Our Medical Test Kits are manufactured
under strict quality controls. Most importantly the ISO 13485 Medical Device Standard

About the ISO 13485 Medical Device Standard

ISO 13485 is the world’s most recognized Medical Device Standard. It is recognised by WHO (World Health Organisation), FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA), and the European Commission. ISO 13485 is the most rigid global standard in manufacturing, exceeding even those of the FDA.

What ISO 13485 means:

· Quality Management Assurance
· Increased Efficiency
· Supply Chain Performance
· Improved Manufacturing Processes
· Meeting Customer Requirements
· Legal Compliance
· Annual inspection visits by ISO staff to the manufacturing plant.


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